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Weekly Covid-19 Updates

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Asivikelane 9 results: Clean taps and toilets will curb the spread of Covid-19 infections

Asivikelane 9 shows that providing clean taps and toilets in informal settlements could be the most effective way of reducing Covid-19 infections. Informal settlements are hotspots for infection...

Asivikelane results no 8: Women are scared to use shared taps and toilets.

This week a new question about public lighting was added on the report with a focus on gender. Two thirds of Asivikelane participants are women and most of them say that there is not enough public...

Asivikelane 17 June 2020 Press Statement

Asivikelane reiterates its call for government to take the lead in ensuring access to clean sanitation facilities in informal settlement communities as the country observes its Covid-19 peak. Every...