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Weekly Covid-19 Updates

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[Press Release] Asivikelane voices of informal settlement during the covid-19 crisis

This week started with media reports that some informal settlements are now part of the list of Covid-19 hotspots. Like we have done in the last two months since the beginning of the lockdown...

Asivikelane: Week 6 Results

This week's results show wonderful progress in some metros, like eThekwini becoming the first metro to reach an orange light for the distribution of soap and handsanitiser...

Asivikelane brief 1: Basic sanitation and Covid-19 in the city of Johannesburg 9

Over half a million of Johannesburg’s 5.8 million people live in 181 informal settlements. The number of Covid-19 cases in the City increased rapidly from 971 on 6 May 2020 to 1,153 on 15 May 2020,...