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Research Reports

A Comparative Analysis of the Influence of Traditional Authority in Urban Development in South Africa & Eswatini.

Past Reports

Three Realities of Free Basic Services and Indigency: Human Rights, Dignity and Financial Sustainability
Review Of Public Participation Policy And Legislation In Local Government (Draft)
Corridors Of Freedom Social Facilitation Report
Who should stand up?
Paper Tigers Grow Teeth: Participation to Empower Citizens
Guidelines for Capturing Social Audit Data
Defiance and delusion in municipal-driven relocations
State of local governance 2016: Participatory Governance And Social Labour Plans
State of Local Governance 2012 : Participatory Budgeting in South Africa
A Guide To Finding Municipal Procurement Information
Finding Information About Municipal Contracted Services
State of Local Governance 2011: Intergovernmental relations and the Voices of the marginalised
State of Local Governance 2013: Reclaiming power - Thembelihle Crisis Committee
A Guide To Conducting Social Audits In South Africa
State of Local Governance 2017: The Role Of Collaboration In Social Accountability Mechanisms
State of local governance 2010: Recognising Community voices
State of Local Governance 2018: Improving Citizen Participation In Local Government