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Research Reports

Review Of Public Participation Policy And Legislation In Local Government (Draft)

Past Reports

Corridors Of Freedom Social Facilitation Report
Defiance and delusion in municipal-driven relocations
Finding Information About Municipal Contracted Services
State of Local Governance 2017: The Role Of Collaboration In Social Accountability Mechanisms
Who should stand up?
State of local governance 2016: Participatory Governance And Social Labour Plans
State of Local Governance 2011: Intergovernmental relations and the Voices of the marginalised
State of local governance 2010: Recognising Community voices
State of Local Governance 2013: Reclaiming power - Thembelihle Crisis Committee
State of Local Governance 2012 : Participatory Budgeting in South Africa
State of Local Governance 2018: Improving Citizen Participation In Local Government
Paper Tigers Grow Teeth: Participation to Empower Citizens