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Housing affordability study to challenge inner city policy

Jan 23, 2020 | Blog

The world is becoming increasingly urbanized and in South Africa, inequality with regards to housing remains a big concern.

Planact in joint partnership with the Inner City Resource Centre, 1to1 Architects, as well as leading Universities are taking an active interest in the governance and management of the City of Johannesburg.

They have conducted an inclusionary housing affordability study in Bertrams, New Doorfontein in the Johannesburg City Centre to challenge the current inner city social housing policy which has been criticized for excluding the economically marginalized groups it is designed for.

While the focus of social housing is based on South African citizens who are in the lowest earning brackets. This completely alienates a large number of people living in cities and do not have an income especially in a country like South Africa that has been experiencing record high unemployment rates for the past few years. 

As a mechanism to increase the standards of living for some of the most vulnerable members of society, the legislation and relevant policy should reflect the situation, yet they stay dated and exclusionary. A report will be produced from the survey and used to challenge the current legislation on social housing in South Africa.

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